Automated Demand Response

Completely automate your Demand Response curtailment or maintain control and “push the button” yourself from wherever there is Internet connectivity

Economic Load Management

Reduce your peak load charges from your utility bill by using the PowerConnect Load Management module to implement reduced electrical power consumption modes for your facilities.

EPSS Monitoring & Control

Automate and simplify the monitoring, testing, and control of your generating assets and ATSs while improving reliability with the PowerConnect EPSS module.

Metering and Verification

Collect and display meter data instantly with the Metering and Verification module of the PowerConnect platform to develop and test curtailment strategies, understand where you are consuming electricity, and see the results of conservation efforts.

PowerConnect for Utilities

If you are a utility, ESCO, ISO, or aggregator, the PowerConnect platform is available for you to offer to your customers to automate their DR participation and increase their program success.

Take a Tour

See the PowerConnect portal for yourself and walk through all the information available on the platform.


Find out the latest news about Murata Energy Solutions Americas and our PowerConnect platform

Brochure - PowerConnect

Download the PowerConnect brochure with information on how Murata Energy Solutions is Making Energy Pay

Brochure – EPSS

Download the PowerConnect EPSS brochure to learn how you can improve your EPSS reliability while simplifying testing and reporting needs