Murata Energy Solutions Americas



The PowerConnect Solution

Murata Energy Solutions Americas has built on the decades of Murata experience in providing high-quality wireless products and combined them with Murata’s cloud-based Energy IoT platform to deliver a high-quality, cost-effective, facility electrical and building systems monitoring and control solution. With the ability to aggregate information from geographically dispersed facilities into a single portal, the PowerConnect platform provides at-a-glance information on the health and operation of your electrical systems, including generators and automatic transfer switches, and fingertip control of load management and demand response.

The PowerConnect solution works with virtually any building management system from any vendor, any ATS, and any manufacturer’s generators. PowerConnect seamlessly integrates multi-vendor facilities into a single system displayed in a single portal. Reliable wireless technologies tremendously reduce the cost to install the solution while cellular gateways allow data and commands to be transmitted and received over cellular networks. All PowerConnect components have full industrial temperature ranges, allowing them to be installed outdoors when required.

Automated Demand Response

Automated Demand Response – Completely automate your Demand Response curtailment or maintain control and “push the button” yourself from wherever there is Internet connectivity. With the ability to opt out any device in your system, you have complete flexibility in tailoring your response to DR events.

Economic Load Management

Economic Load Management – Whether or not you are participating in a DR program, the Murata PowerConnect Load Management module offers a simple, one-button way to implement reduced electrical power consumption modes for your facilities. Securely accessible from anywhere there is Internet connectivity, a single click of the mouse or press of a touch panel instantly starts your predefined reduction strategy.

EPSS Monitoring & Control

EPSS Monitoring & Control – If you have on-site generating capability, the PowerConnect platform can automate and simplify the monitoring, testing, and control of your generating assets. Avoid suffering the average 30% failure to start rate of generating systems and reduce the expense of compliance audits by automatically running genset and ATS tests, recording the operating parameters while running.

Metering and Verification

Metering and Verification – The Metering and Verification module of the Murata PowerConnect platform allows you to develop curtailment strategies, test them, and get the results instantly. The Murata PowerConnect Platform can collect data from multiple meters, allowing you to monitor power consumption by departments, business units, etc., to identify where your power is being consumed.

PowerConnect for Utilities

PowerConnect for Utilities – If you are a utility, ESCO, ISO, or aggregator, the PowerConnect platform is available for you to offer to your customers. Simple resale all the way to complete customization is available, enabling you to help your customers be successful in Demand Response programs.