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Automated Demand Response (ADR)


Automated Demand Response – Demand Response programs offer a way to generate payment streams by agreeing to reduce your electricity consumption when notified by the utility. The PowerConnect Automated Load Management Solution automates the curtailment by receiving signals directly and implementing your curtailment strategy – whether the notice happens conveniently at 3:00 p.m. when all your facility personnel are present or inconveniently at 5:00 a.m. when you’re at a reduced staff level. Eliminate the worry of whether a notice will be missed or can’t be reacted to quickly enough to ensure program compliance.

Or if you like to “push the button” yourself, the Murata PowerConnect platform offers one-button implementation from your operations center or anywhere you have Internet access.
Initiate All >  Auto demand response (ADR)

And PowerConnect doesn’t simply turn things off. To avoid upsetting tenants and building occupants, PowerConnect uses your building management system (BMS) to adjust setpoint for various building components. The result is that you can realize substantial energy curtailment amounts with your tenants often totally unaware any change has occurred.

Sometimes DR events occur at inopportune times. You may have a piece of equipment that is being tested or that cannot be curtailed for some reason. This is no problem for the PowerConnect platform. You can opt out any piece of equipment by simply clicking on its Opt Out button. When the critical time for that piece of equipment has passed, add it back into the curtailment strategy by clicking on the Opt In button.

Screen Capture of DR events on PowerConnect platform for Auto demand response (ADR)

Regardless of your desired response to DR events, the PowerConnect platform is smart enough to stage the resumption of full mode operation, avoiding any consumption spikes that could raise your electricity rates.

step increase in energy consumption with large spike at the beginning of the increase > Automated Demand Response (ADR)

And when the DR programs change, PowerConnect makes adjusting to the new conditions a snap. No more calling in building automation specialists to reprogram your BMS.

Murata’s PowerConnect platform is cloud-based and automates curtailments for multiple buildings in multiple locations – whether down the street or across the country – from a single portal, greatly simplifying ADR for portfolios of facilities wherever they are located.

Murata’s PowerConnect platform is cloud-based and automates curtailments for multiple buildings > Auto demand response (ADR)

Click here to see a demo of the ADR features in action or click here to get more information on how the PowerConnect platform is Making Energy PaySM.