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Economic Load Management

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A substantial portion of a building’s electricity charge is not based on the amount of electricity used but on the peak level of electricity consumed on days when the utility is undergoing heavy demand. By reducing your peak electricity usage on these so-called peak days, building owners can substantially reduce their electricity rates for the coming year.

PowerConnect platform help you reduce these peak charges > Economic Load Management

Murata Energy Solutions Americas and our PowerConnect platform help you reduce these peak charges. First, we help you establish your usage baseline. Next, we help you identify ways to reduce your consumption without disturbing building operations or upsetting tenants. And then we monitor utility, weather, and other conditions to let you know when a peak day is likely to occur. You then have the ability to reduce your peak usage by implementing the electricity reduction steps through a single mouse-click on your PowerConnect platform portal.

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As with the Automated Load Management module, PowerConnect doesn’t turn devices off; it merely adjusts settings to reduce your peak energy consumption. As with all PowerConnect functions, you remain in total control by choosing to initiate the curtailment yourself through the PowerConnect portal or to opt out certain equipment for particular curtailments. Tenants and building occupants are often totally unaware that energy consumption is being reduced.

Or, you may choose to implement this electricity consumption strategy independent of any utility consideration to take advantage of special circumstances in your facility, saving money on unneeded electricity usage. Whatever your reason, the PowerConnect Economic Load Management capability puts you in control of your electricity usage with a minimum of disruption or tenant discomfort.

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