Murata Energy Solutions Americas



Now you have the power to manage remotely and smartly
connect and control all of your generator assets.

Get all the power you need to manage remotely, stay on top of your generator fleet and better service both your team and your customers. Quickly respond to every situation—information in hand—and make smart decisions with no more surprises or wasted resources in the field.

GenSecure is a robust hardware and cloud platform that is designed to help you do better business. Our hardware, cloud services and applications integrate seamlessly to offer you cutting edge solutions to optimize and streamline generator management.

GenSecure hardware is installed at the generator with ATS equipment and communicates with the IoT hub to monitor and control the genset.

The PowerConnect Cloud hosts a set of services that drive the functionality for the GenSecure application.

The GenSecure application is our visual layer of the solution and turns data into actionable information and achievable results.

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